Nimwaidien Galonval

Nimwaidien Galonval

""You seek passage here? I know the secret ancestral paths of the Elven people, and I am not as… secretive as they. Unfortunately for you, I’m not as aloof, either, and passage will cost you- although I’d prefer an equal share of treasure and adventure.""

Character Sheet


To call Nimwaidien Galonval the product of an unusual circumstance would be an understatement. His father, Sir Galdan Jaourn, is a Knight in service to the order of the White Dove. Acting in accordance with his duties to house and order, he has spent most of his career protecting holdings around Azdena. On a routine patrol of the forests north of Azdena, he and his fellow knights were beset by a highly organized band of Goblinoids. Despite the training and discipline of the warriors, they were overwhelmed by the ambush. Before succumbing to his wounds, Galden was saved by another patrol in the area; this one comprised of a group of Elven warriors. Their leader, upon noticing that Galden yet lived, fought her way to his wavering form with a fury rarely found in the Edhel people. Despite the success of the Elves in driving off the Goblinoids, Galdan was the only knight to survive the attack, and only through the Huntress’ healing magics. Galdan convalesced in the Elves’ treetop-city, and as his body grew stronger, so did his affection for his savior. Although both Galdan and Carnadhiel knew they could never be together, or even truly understand one another, they enjoyed the brief time they spent together. Shockingly, Carnadhiel discovered she was with child after Galdan’s departure.

Nimwaidien spent his childhood as an Elf, largely unaware of his true, hybrid nature; although there were times when his impulsive and unsophisticated (by Elven standards, anyway) behavior caused friction. As such, he grew up with few friends, and spent as much time as possible with his mother. Carnadhiel would tell him stories of brave Knights and stone cities before bed, and although her true intention in the tales was to caution against the arrogance of human urbanization and the rigors of honor, Nimwaidien became enamored with them in a very human way. He spent his days learning the Elven way of life, although the language came slowly to Nimwaidien, and the direct nature of his hunting style found no approval with the Elves.

By his tenth year, Nimwaidien had begun to ask prying qustions of his mother. As the fates would have it, that very year Galden returned, alone, to the forest. Were Carnadhiel to have her way, father and son would never have met, but Nimwaidien stumbled into Galden first. Shocked to find a human in their territory, he was about to flee, when he noticed something peculiar about this human; he carried a shield with a white dove symbol emblazoned upon it. It was only then that Nimwaidien realized the significance of his name, which loosely translates to common as “of the white shield”. Not only were his childhood stories true, he knew this knight was his father.

Knowing that he could not stay long without jepordizing his duty, Galden spent a week with Nym, as he had come to calling his son, teaching him more about humans and the outside world in that time than Nym had gathered in his ten years. Before his departure, Galden gave Nym the shield he carried on the day he met Carnadhiel.

When Carnadhiel learned of this meeting, she knew that her time with her son was limited. The elves of the eastern forests are isolationists par excellence; were it to be discovered that Nym was half-human, he would be cast out without hesitation. And so it was, on his tenth birtday, that Nym began his training in earnst. Carnadhiel spent five years preparing Nym for the harsh realities for life as an outcast; imparting to him as many survival and hunting skills as she could. Shortly after Nym’s fifteenth birthday, Galden returned once more in secret, and again only briefly, but he brought with him a fine blade worthy of any Knight of the realm, and spent two weeks teaching Nym the fundamentals of swordplay. Nym was a talented swordsmen and a quick study, and when Galdan finally did depart, he did so with a heavy heart; for he knew that although Nym could make a fine Knight, the chances of a human lord bestowing such an honor to an elf-kin were slim. In the two years following Galdan’s departure, Nym trained furiously, blending the acrobatic grace of the elven scouts with the raw brutality and creativity of human warriors. Ultimately, Nym’s incredible drive to prepare for his exile was the very cause of it. His intemperance was a red flag to the other elves of the community, and when Carnadhiel could no longer conceal his nature, Nym was officially branded an outcast, forbidden to return to his homeland. Before he left, Carnadhiel gave Nym a trio of gifts she had been saving for that day; a strong bow, “to help you remember where you have come from, and where you are going”, a fine shirt of chainmail “to aid your elven grace in keeping you safe”, and a wand imbued with healing magics, “to aid your human stubbornness in making your enemies… less safe”.

Mere weeks have passed since then, as Nym struggles to find a good use for his unusual skill-set and identity.

Important People

Carnadhiel Galonval: Nym’s mother and an expert huntress, Carnadhiel’s voice carries weight with her people, but she respects their traditional way of life. She has a strong distaste for the arrogant attitude of humanity, and the arrogance of her own attitude is either beyond her or seemingly irrelevant. Still, she loves Nym and has done everything in her power to prepare him for his difficult life.

Sir Galdan Jaourn: A knight of the White Dove and a noble of house Jaourn, Sir Galdan is nearly past the age of active service, but remains fiercely loyal to house and order. He an honorable man, and puts his duty to the Azdena province above all else. He loves his son, but like Carnadhiel, duty keeps him from Nym in many ways.



Nimwaidien Galonval

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