Elyea Dawn

I have to go… I’m sorry, please don’t look at me like that.

Elyea tried not to listen to the conversation that was going on, but the young redhead was too close not to. Her family had long been in the habit of rescuing people, of hiding them in their mountainous, gypsy style encampments. There were dozens of small teams of her family, going around the continent, helping people escape from prisons, dungeons, or political persecution. Times of political and war related turmoil raped the lands, no one was safe from the attacks or the judgement… Even as a child, Elyea helped her family, her mother and her aunt, specifically. The beautiful little red head would work in kitchens or as young daughter’s handmaidens, and she would learn of secret passages, sewage routes, and unused hallways in what could be labyrinths of keeps and castles.

Many wouldn’t let a child so young be raised in such a gypsy lifestyle, living half of her life in the woods, half of her life sleeping on kitchen floors by the fire pits, and constantly surrounded by those that needed asylum from very dangerous people – but it afforded her an unconventional education that most children, even in lower level noble houses, could get. She was an excellent reader and writer, and she had a memory for things that had to do with the land. The history, the nature of each place, the people who occupied the lands… She had even once been offered the opportunity to have her magical aptitude tested when she had been living within the walls of a larger castle. But she hadn’t had a knack for it. “Just an incredible memory,” the magician had told her mother.

As she grew older, she developed more. Her skills as a writer became an asset to the family’s thriving nobility. One of her aunt’s, the wife of their family’s leader, had created a banner that was a sign of a safe place to hide for those seeking asylum. The large, narrow banner with a sun rising above a horizon on a grey banner – and a joke began.


The House of the Darkest Dawn. Elyea had created papers, stating their ancestry, and their alliance with the House Ulric, how they had worked with the house in the past to rescue a few of their own, and in exchange – the Dawns’ location was kept secret. Word spread, until finally, after almost twenty years, Elyea was surprised to be received and recognized as the daughter of a noble house. A minor house, of course… but she had never received a bow when she entered a kitchen chamber before.

Elyea had earned her reputation as a rescuer, a young woman that could talk her way out of anything, and had the voice of an angel. Her uncle, Akeem Dawn, insisted she could just write a note in someone else’s penmanship to stop a war… and he did not lower the value of having her loyal to the family she was raised in.

Young and brash, the wild red head was known far and wide for her voice and the red curls atop her head. Her slim frame was often clad in the typical bracelets and layered skirts that were notably attached to the Darkest Dawn’s women. They were known to be dancers and singers, instrument players and lovers of a wild bonfire. It was said that if a party was ever to get out of hand, a daughter of the Darkest Dawn House had infiltrated your house, and was probably rescuing someone from your dungeon while you drank.

House of the Darkest Dawn’s Notable Nobles

Akeem Dawn – Head of House – Uncle to Elyea
Sinrae Dawn – Wife of Head of House – Aunt to Elyea
Lanyea Dawn – Infiltrator – Mother to Elyea
Koren Dawn – Ambassador – Cousin to Elyea

Allies of the Darkest Dawn
The House Ulric and their allies.

Enemies of the Darkest Dawn
Anyone they might have freed a prison from in the past.

Elyea Dawn

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