Brado Jaourn

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, settle down. We need to discuss this in an orderly manner and yes, your being kind of an ass.”


Well kept and fair are possibly the two best ways to describe Brado. Adorned with red symbols that marks him as a forsaken (An individual who has sealed away their spell casting capabilities) in a ritual performed by certain tribes of Trollkin, it is in their belief that they truly become closer to the gods in this manner. Tall, sporting a youthful, yet chiseled face, a mark of divine providence in his tasks. He sports a specially crafted mask that is part of his armor, yet he is never seen without it, even when dressed for occasions. Covered in a soft grey undertone of perfect skin, no scratch ever seeming to mark his form for long. A tail wrapped around his waste, common in different tribes of Trollkin. Oceanic blue orbs gaze out in wonder, curiosity and sincerity, emanating in his presence. A form some would call a trickster, yet nothing but order and understanding stands present. A red gem, implanted in his left ear as a reminder of who he once was. A savage.


“I do not blame you for what you have done, I understand. Fate leads us to many things, but even so, I will still bring you to justice all the same.”

Brado, which in translation to common from Giant means “Bravo”, lived in a tribe of Trollkin, “The Demons of Bryslyn”. They raided, pillaged, and attacked anyone and everywhere around Bryslyn as they pleased. They were a tribe of terrifying individuals, them being voracious Trollkin was no help to this. Jaourn couldn’t afford to muster a force to take care of them, they would lose too many during engagements and what was worse, this would only bolster their forces.

The Demons of Bryslyn were lead by a powerful Shaman named Kardel who brought life back to the dead, but not in the good way. Leaving them in that limbo between life and death, the undead marched on. The moment Brado was born, Kardel felt like the luckiest father in the world, until he saw visions of Brado’s future, revealing him to be an even greater Shaman than he ever could be and over throwing his father. Kardel had to stop this, but he wasn’t about to kill off his own son, so instead he performed the ritual of the Forsaken on Brado, permanently sealing all spell casting away permanently. Kardel would mold Brado to be a warrior, a tool for his purposes, a sword.

Years past, Kardel’s forces growing stronger and stronger, yet his father growing weaker and weaker. Whatever pacts Kardel made with whatever spirits of malice was finally taking their toll. He needed a new body, he would not allow himself to pass on to the underworld just yet. Brado was the perfect option, he was young, in perfect condition, and his body would be of similar match to accept Kardel’s soul since he was of blood. Kardel had set his eyes on this option, regardless of the consequences, the utter destruction of Brado’s soul.

House Jaourn had caught word of Kardel’s plan to live on, so the plan began, they would attack the night of the ritual and stop Kardel in the act, right when he would be weakest. Kardel’s death meant the end to all of their undead forces. A lord of Jaourn and his honor guard lead the punch into Kardel’s encampment, busting into the cave in the midst of the ritual. Brado had already been drugged and tied down to an altar, Kardel was standing over him, sacrificial knife in hand.

Rage and anger pulsed through Kardel, a fight breaking out between Kardel’s guards and the Jaourn nobles, but finally after about half an hour of fighting, Kardel stood victorious,fatally injured, but victorious. As mindless as most of the Trollkin were, Kardel was not, and he enjoyed moments of gloating. He pointed out the Jaourn nobles hopelessness and explained in detail the many ways he would destroy his house after this. Injured, bleeding, and exhausted, the lord could only spit in anger. He threw his holy symbol at Kardel in anger. Kardel stepped aside, the symbol flying past him and landing on Brado’s chest.

That was when it happened. Lyndor appeared before Brado in his mind, in all of Lyndor’s godly glory. Lyndor proposed a deal, Brado would be freed and granted the power to stop his father if he agreed to serve as a champion of Lyndor, his mind would finally be given clarity. Desperately grasping for life, Brado agreed.

A beam of divine light exploded out from Brado, piercing up into the skys. Kardel turned around and hissed, the light burning his eyes because of his impurities. The drugs purified from his system, his bindings incinerated from the light, Brado was lifted up and placed upon his feet. The holy symbol of Lyndor sat in his hand. Brado gripped the symbol firmly, shaking his head in what seemed like sorrow. Everything seemed much clearer now, he had realized his life up until now had been wrong, he had been wrong, the deeds he had committed… They would be righted, starting with this.

Brado lept forward at his father, tackling him to the ground. With but a moment respite he spoke “Father… I’m sorry”. With that, he plunged his fist gripping the holy symbol into Kardel’s chest, his hand now exploding with divine light. The light began erupting from every pour of Kardel’s body before he finally dissolved in a massive flash, his corrupted and weakened body being able to stand no more from the might of Brado’s smite. Brado crumpled to his knee’s, weeping. He would repent for all the deeds he had done and more. Shortly after Brado fell to the ground completely, losing consciousness.

The Jaourn lord mustered his survivors and marched out of there, taking Brado with them. Kardel’s undead forces had all crumbled, no longer being forced to sustain their undead forms. Brado was nursed back to health and knighted into the house of Jaourn, the first Trollkin noble recorded in their history.

Brado had completely changed as a person, he was personable, reasonable, fair, and above all else, he seemed to care. He was far more intelligent than most people had first realized, even for a human, he was considered intelligent comparably. It wasn’t long till Brado became the young face of Jaourn. The church came collecting too, enlisting Brado into their order, it wasn’t long until he was off crusading around Bryslyn in the name of the church, sporting the symbol of Jaourn all the while. They couldn’t ask for more, he brought great publicity and put them in good standing with the church.

Unfortunately, doing that much good tends to upset some people, his glory days were in for a hell of a work out. Good deeds… Make enemies as much as they make friends.

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Brado Jaourn

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