Torkerun Ghallette

Torkerun Ghallette – Tork For Short

“I think your confused, I didn’t miss, I just decided the goblin was more of a threat than you”

Character Sheet


A mountain of immovable stature, a gaze of knowing sensibility, and a heart of unwavering loyalty. These are the founding virtues that make up his form. Adorned in a cloak of fine furs he stands firm among the eyes of many. His fiery red blonde hair cascades across his shoulders seeming more of a lion’s mane than a style or crop. Eye’s of a deep emerald green stare out in an undying manner, a gaze of such ferocity that his hair, more mane than anything gives way to his almost animal-like qualities.


“I don’t usually seek revenge, but I never forget. And I make it hard to repair, which is not a great quality because if people held me to that standard, no one would be around me – ever.”

Born one of two sons of Rhielda, Torkerun has struggled from the beginning. Expectations piled on left and right, he had no choice to grow and mold himself into what he is today, not just a warrior, but a force of unerring focus. It has been apparent from a young age that Torkerun had no love for his brother Emordrin.

Loyal to almost a fault, Torkerun has never once gone against his mother’s, Rhielda, wishes. Yearning to be just as promising as Emordrin, more so, he pushed on, a known and prominent Archer. Garrick fought for everything he ever got at a young age, refusing the hand outs of all but his mother, which those if ever, were few and far between. Some viewed him as simply nothing but a fool, being molded into a tool for Rhielda. Those same people had never met Garrick in person, for it was not family that drove him, but the unknown.

What could he achieve? What could he gain, how could he do it? The questions never stopped, he never stopped, never does Torkerun seem to rest. He asks nothing of others he would not do himself, a sentinel, an symbol of stoic resolution. Torkerun is ever watchful, the Lion of Ghallette.

The Noble House: Ghallette

House Symbol: Craftsmen Tools crossed in an X on a field of ice.

House Ghallette has striven for power since the beginning, it being one of the rather larger houses known, not in power, but in size, the amount of family members, there always seems to be another cousin rounding the corner. The house was built on the notion of providing for others. A house renown for their crafts. At least it was in the beginning. Now it is a money grubbing, power seeking icon that stands before all others with a proud smirk of satisfaction.

There’s a saying about House Ghallette. “A Ghallette ALWAYS collects a debt”. (HAHAGET IT?)

Notable People for Torkerun

Rhielda Ghallette: The mother of Torkerun. She is devious, sly, and power hungry, that, added with being a matriarch of the church, she uses her influence to her advantage constantly. She serves the true god, though others just say the only god she serves would be one of wealth, don’t let her catch you saying that. She loves her children, or so she says, most people believe she just uses them like tools, but one things for sure, woe on the individual who hurts her family.

Emordrin: Brother to Torkerun and only other sibling he has, the second son of Rhielda. Emordrin has never shown any dislike towards his brother Torkerun, despite the fact that Torkerun shows all the dislike in his world to him. Emordrin is one of the few arcane spell casters around, a bard, or more specifically, a court bard. Not the best singer around, but he can spin a tail of epics like no other!

Haedric Ghallette: The deceased father of Torkerun and Emordrin, husband of Rhielda. Not much is known about him, he seems to have been sickly as long as anyone can remember and his passing was kept quiet. The entire family weeped for him at the funeral though.

Portrait of Torkerun

Dwarf archer

Theme Song
Opera #2 By VITAS

Torkerun Ghallette

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