Mazarbul Furgrim

Mazarbul Furgrim (Maza)
“So there isn’t a roof to the surface world? That’s just weird.”

Monk of the Protectorate

Maza was raised under the mountains by a family of dwarfs after his parents were killed in a rockalanche. He was brought up with his two new brothers to be a crafter of stone, metals and gems, a true stonelord or Gonnhirrim, in the tongue of the dwarfs. He would’ve contently remained in the tunnels becoming a master crafter if it wasn’t for a group of unsanctioned gnome mages that raided the main colony stockpile when he was 15. It was an attempt to get precious metals and gems for whatever crazy rituals they had in mind. Unfortunately the gnomes weren’t well trained and couldn’t control the power they had and in the process of being stopped they caused a massive cave in killing many dwarfs and trollkins, including Maza’s adopted family. Maza himself was badly hurt in the process but thanks to his natural regeneration and the medical treatment he received he left the caves behind and vowed to do everything in his power to make sure mages received the training and supervision that they deserve. It was after 15 years of wandering and training across all corners of Eyrinheim that Maza thought himself worthy of joining the Protectorate. Here he might not be able to punish the mages that cause the deaths of so many but he might be able to prevent further suffering and needless death by the mistakes of mages.

In the time that Maza has spent on the surface he has mostly gotten over the fear of the openness of the surface world but still has occasional lapses.
Has a mild distaste for gnomes, especially gnome mages, due to their involvement in his past.
Developed a taste for good brew but never had the talent for making it.
During his travels he made a living by telling stories and dancing in bars and taverns
Maza speaks his mind and does not tell lies. He believes in openness at all times and can come off as naive sometimes.

Character Likes
Mushroom Stew
a cask of good beer
dark places, especially if they are underground

Character Dislikes
unsanctioned mages
wide open spaces

House Gonnhirrim – The Moles
Banner – a black pickaxe crossed with a blue hammer set over a single Grey mountain

Gonnhirrim is a minor house that was founded when a group of dwarfs from House Duhir became exceptionally obsessed with what treasures lied beneath the great mountain range and delved far deeper then had been done before. Contact was lost with the expedition for some time but out of the darkness they have emerged and as if from the earth itself with the help of their new allies, the trollkins, and they brought with them many precious things for which to trade.

House Gonnhirrim is closely allied with its parent house Noble House Duhir and the close neighbor to the north Noble House Ulric. These are the houses that they have the closest dealings with and thus the best relationship.

“Noble” Houses Vaydan and Orothian on the other hand are not well liked do mostly to their apparent inability to follow through on any payments that are out forth to them. They tend to act more like bullies that can get whatever they want through force and that is not something that House Gonnhirrim prefers to deal with and thus have blacklisted them and will have no more dealings with them.

Mazarbul Furgrim

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