Info on Restrictions

Race Restrictions

  • Only Core races (no half-Orcs)
  • Halflings are slaves, as they should be
  • Elves and dwarves are rare
  • Gnomes are nearly extinct and not very liked

Class Restrictions

  • Only core book classes
  • Alternate Class Features from the Advanced Player guide for allotted Core Classes only are ALLOWED
  • No Sorcerers
  • Magic capped at level 5 spells, except bards, rangers and paladins they can’t go beyond 4
  • Spellcraft checks need to be made for every single spell
  • Wizard need materials, no feat to fix that
  • Cleric only have access to Domain spells
  • Druids need a Bloodline feat in order to be a druid, Wizards need a Schooling feat
  • Wizards have a one step hit die increase
  • compensation for druid, bard, wizard will be given after level 10 (if we get there)
  • Players can use variant classes but caps and changes still apply

Noble House Requirements

  • A Banner (Description is fine)
  • House name
  • A short history of the house
  • Who your House is allied with (short reasons)
  • Who do they hate (short reasons)

Info on Restrictions

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