Info on Eyrinheim


The continent of Eyrinheim

Three major section make up Eyrinheim. The North, broken from the east by a great sea and The great Cyndevellir mountain range which is a spear between the South and the East. The weathered North is known as Erethalla. The dry and desert South is called Volasteorn. The glowing plains of the East are called Bryslyn. Between Erethalla and Bryslyn is the great island of Aylandena.

There was once three great kingdoms which waged wars for centuries over rights to land and ancient claims from long lines of ancestors of great kings. When the three kingdoms were all at their mightiest, a great conqueror crossed the black seas of the west bring magic and death. One after another the three kingdoms were razed till finally the Great Conqueror Mulgardus fell upon the island of Aylandena, a peaceful land. Mulgardus thought his conquest was almost complete, but in the final hour of his victory a single warrior rose to oppose Mulgardus.

Rising armies almost over night the warrior Aymon Tirlinin broke the seige and pushed back Mulgardus till his ships cracked and broke on the great Cliffs of Griffinheim. The warrior became King of all of Eyrinheim and a great peace spread and spanned centuries under the Great Eagle Banner of House Tirlinin. All great things come to and end as the last blood of Tirlinin has died from the world leaving a great void in power, making houses rise to fight for the throne of Eyrinheim.

Major Organizations

  • Order of the White Dove
    • This order is composed of clerics and paladins who serve the realm
  • The Lotus Pentagram
    • Mages one in all are by law required to be in this order
    • Mages are trained on Aylandena in the White Citadel or by approved Mages
  • The Eagle Cohorts
    • remaining legions of the Great Tirlinin Line, holding forts and protecting the little guys
  • The Protectorate (The Golden Hand)
    • Order of monks dedicated to keeping Mages in Check

Concerning Players

  • Halflings are slaves unless you have a good back story
  • Clerics are servants to the realm (No matter alignment)
  • Players may choose to be of noble birth, sellswords, or servants to other players

Those players who choose noble birth must provide a Banner and House name and a short history of the house, with a notice of which of the 10 Houses you are allied with or enemies of, don’t need to be terrible long reasons.

Info on Eyrinheim

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